What the f**k do we know?

Ever had those moments where you question your existence, the cause for your being? Ever asked yourself why you dream, why you get up every morning to the same routine? Ever wondered why you smile, why you cry, why you react in a certain way? I am quite sure a lot of you have but then how many actually inquire further. In this age we are either busy making money or paying bills.. isn’t it? Who has the time?

Since birth we’ve been told what to do, whether it be religious boundaries or societal, we have been raised to follow restrictions, follow the rules. Conception of good & bad has evolved over the years. There is constant conditioning of the mind, an attraction towards the pleasant and an aversion towards unpleasant. Any reaction to an external stimuli comes after a reflection in the mirror of memory. So then one asks what is memory?

In simple words, memory is time, memory is experience, memory is what makes you YOU. And every memory is attached to a sense of happiness or sadness.. isn’t it? If you are exposed to an environment where you have had pleasant times, then you feel good don’t you. If you see a loved one after a long time, you feel happy because the memory attached is associated with happiness. Even just a thought of something brings about an emotion. So you have to understand the enormity of thought for it is the trigger to memory.

A Japanese doctor, Masaru Emoto, made an inquiry into the power of thought. He wanted to know if thoughts could have an effect outside the mind in the physical/material dimension. He chose water as the test subject since it is the most receptive of the five tattvas. He exposed water to different words, music and pictures. He then froze the water and examined the crystals formed with microscopic photography. They say a picture equals a thousand words.. well what if just a thought could paint a picture?? The results of Emoto’s experiment are mind boggling. Here’s a clip of his findings:

Amazing isn’t it? Yes, it sure is, but then the scary part is what do we really know about life, matter, universe. Our body is primarily composed of water and we have just seen the effects thoughts can have on it. So now do you understand why you are the way you are? It’s because you have conditioned your thoughts in such a way and every thing you see, listen, touch and feel adds on to your never ending memory.

Life is a journey of possibilities, but our memory assigns certain probabilities to these possibilities. Religion and society are trying to assign these probabilities in your mind. You have been brought up with these conditioning’s, it’s been hardwired into our genes for generations. But you have to understand that those possibilities STILL exist, it’s our mind assigning a very low probability to it that we don’t consider it anymore. Your mind is the greatest gift God has ever engineered. Don’t assign limitations to it, try to inquire, try to explore, try to learn and understand because honestly What the f**k do we know?


1 Response to “What the f**k do we know?”

  1. 1 Devna February 26, 2010 at 02:47

    Hey Ankit,

    Awesome post. Very philosophical and thought provoking. I enjoyed reading it.
    You are right either nobody has time to think or they really dont care about their own existence. Everyone is happy in their own lil world.
    Now another good question to ask and challenge would be the existence of god..Does god really exists or god is just a mere object contrived by various religions so as to bring order to this world and save it from being submerged into chaos?

    So much to figure out but so lil time 🙂

    Keep posting buddy!

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