Why do we make sex so important?

“So we are deprived of freedom outwardly and inwardly, for generations upon generations we have been told what to do. And the reaction to that: I’ll do what I want. Which is also limited, based on your pleasure, on your desire, on your capacity and so on, so on. So where there is no freedom all round, both outwardly and inwardly, and specially inwardly, then we have only one source which is called sex – is that right? Why do we give it importance? Do you give importance – equal importance, to being free from fear? No. Equal energy, vitality, thought to ending sorrow? No. Why don’t you? Why only this? Because that is the easiest thing to have. The other demands all your energy, which can only come when you are free. So naturally human beings throughout the world have given this thing such tremendous importance in life. And when you give something, which is a part of life, tremendous importance then you are destroying yourself. Life is whole, not just one part – right? If you give importance to everything then this becomes rather – more or less unimportant. And the monks and all those people have denied all this and turned their energy – at least they think they have turned their energy, to god. But the thing is boiling in them, you can’t suppress nature. But when you give that thing only, all importance, then you are corrupt! You understand?”

– J. Krishnamurti (July 1980)
Third Question & Answer Meeting in Saanen


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